Workshops Programme

FIRST SESSION (Tuesday 15 October 2019 – 16:00 to 18:00)

Speciality Workshop No. 1:  Pavement Design and performance:  Testing and designing for asphalt fatigue
Workshop Convenor: Steph Bredenhann
Workshop Discussion Leader: Steph Bredenhann


  1. Andre Molenaar: Introduction: Fatigue Testing, unfortunately a time consuming and costly affair
  2. Geoffrey Rowe: Fatigue assessment of conventional and highly modified asphalt materials
  3. Jo Sias: Rheological, Fatigue, and Fracture Properties to Evaluate Fatigue and Thermal Cracking of Asphalt Mixtures in US

SECOND SESSION (Wednesday 16 October 2019 – 08:30 to 10:30)

Workshop No. 2:  Regional and international research: Leadership, cooperation and program development
Workshop Convenor: Benoit Verhaeghe
Workshop Discussion Leader: Dr Wynand Steyn

  1. Benoit Verhaeghe: Current RDI landscape in Southern Africa
  2. Chantal Rudman: Human Capital challenges in RDI
  3. Melanie Hofmeyr: Management of industry documentation: quo vadis

Workshop No. 3: Asphalt Process Control – Using Digital Technologies to improve construction performance

Workshop Convenor: Mahendren Manicum
Workshop Discussion Leader: Mahendren Manicum

  1. Dr. Seirgei Miller: Addressing challenges of variability and construction quality
  2. Mahendren Manicum: Digital Technologies – the answer to all our challenges?
  3. Dr. Seirgei Miller: First steps to be taken toward a Digital Technology Roadmap

Workshop No. 4:  Selection of Appropriate Seal Types and Binder Combinations

Workshop Convenor: Gerrie van Zyl
Workshop Discussion Leader: Gerrie van Zyl

  1. Mr Gerrie van Zyl: Stripping of Seals in Southern Africa: Case studies and guidelines for an improved approach to mitigate it
  2. Dr Greg White: A Standardised Sprayed Sealing Specification for Australian Airports
  3. Prof Gerrit Jordaan: Evaluation of novel winter-seal applications

Workshop No. 5:  Optimal design of Asphalt

Workshop Convenor: Herman Marais
Workshop Discussion Leader: Francois le Roux              

  1. Joanne Muller: Superpave 5.0
  2. Wim Hofsink: HWTT – Possible pitfalls
  3. Steph Bredenhann: Feedback from asphalt Fatigue workshop

SECOND SESSION (Wednesday 16 October 2019 – 11:00 to 13:00)

Workshop No. 6:  Research Outcomes for Cost-Effective Provision of Low Volume Sealed Roads
Workshop Convenor: Nkululeko Leta
Workshop Discussion Leader: Nkululeko Leta

  1. Andrew Otto: Widening the scope of pavement materials for use in the provision of low volume sealed roads
  2. Anton Hartman: Alternative surfacings for low volume roads in West Africa
  3. Matthew Townsend: Assessment of Cost-Effectiveness of Alternative Surfacings for LVSR using Life-Cycle Costing Analysis

Workshop No. 7:  Bituminous binder testing and standard

Workshop Convenor: Georges Mturi
Workshop Discussion Leader: Steph Bredenhann

  1. Estimé Mukandila: Possibility of using a Weatherometer as an aging calibration tool for bitumen binder
  2. Elaine Goosen: Extraction and Recovery of Bituminous Binders from Chip Seal Samples
  3. Ashiel Rampersad: A proposed national protocol for performing frequency sweeps on bituminous binder

Workshop No. 8:  Innovation in road maintenance techniques and procedures

Workshop Convenor: Krishna Naidoo
Workshop Discussion Leader: Dumisani Nkabinde

  1. Douglas Judd: The role of the PPP project in road maintenance
  2. Marco Capazario/A Chagwe: Digitising the entire road maintenance process
  3. Ricardo Louw: Term maintenance contracts – an international case study
  4. Prasanth Mohan/ W Maphakela: Exploring National Treasury limits.

Workshop No. 9:  Recent Advancements in Innovative Bituminous Materials

Workshop Convenor: Kim Jenkins
Workshop Discussion Leader:Kim Jenkins

  1. Prof Wynand Steyn: Evaluation of materials treated with organo-silane (nano) emulsion
  2. Bernhard Botes: Fit-for-purpose tack coats
  3. Johannes Lambert: High shear, low flow emulsion tack
  4. Mafuma Tafadzwa: New crumbed rubber technology

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